Welcome to Blogstreak!

Here is the blogsplaining about what is the Blogstreak? And how you can use this in your blog website.

Why Blogstreak

I was using Medium as the blogging platform. There are so many people moved away from Medium because of the lock-in. People don’t like platform lock and there is so many bad news about metered paywall. Okay enough said, for that reason I decided to move away from Medium for good.

I really like simple and static website. But when comes to blogging we need generators because writing content with markdown is so much easier than writing in other language. Converting to plain html is the job what generators are doing. But in much broader scale they also comes with variety of frameworks of your choice.

I have chosen Hugo as the static site editor. Once I setup everything it works perfect. Static site doesn’t comes with database and Medium features like claps and comments are only possible via database. Managing database with no code style is lot of work. And, that’s the reason I’ve created the Blogstreak.

A no code platform that host web component style tiny library for each specific needs. You can embed claps and comment this way without writing lot of codebase.


I’ve opened this to all the static bloggers. This is very early stage I just need your feedback on how to improve the blogstreak.

A hosted component library for your static blog.

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