Another Self Hostable Private Blogging

Published 10 Nov, 2022

Reading time: 1 Mins

This is the first issue of blogstreak blogging links. Here I will share many useful links that are related to blogging and blogging only.

1. Haven is another self hostable private blogging platform

It’s an open source tool and it’s picking the popularity. Right now it’s in the spot closely to 500 starts on Github and gaining momentum.

2. Deep dive in to DigitalOcean blogging strategy

If I want to deploy cloud instance I definetly pick DigitalOcean, It’s simply because of their blog. They have blog on almost any topic that you can think of in cloud like deploying Django or NodeJs application.

3. People think of Mastodon as the Twitter competetor but I don’t

After Elon walks into Twitter people are looking into another platform to share their thoughts and one of the recommendation people get is Mostodon. In this blog Simon Willison’s talks about his opinion on Mastodon.

4. How to promote your blog posts to get many views as possible

David talks about how to promote your blog posts to get many views as possible.

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