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Blogstreak is a simple solution for static blog to include engage things like claps, comment, newsletter. With very easy readable API you can integrate blogstreak without effort. Our goal is to create library of components that pluggable to any static website and drive engagement without much effort.

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👏🏻 Clapping

Medium like clapping button right after your article to get engage from your audience.

💬 Comments

Add incredible fast comment section in your blog to boost community like experience.

📧 Subscribe

Place simple subscribe button next to your blog post for newsletter.

🔢 Counter

This feature is work in progress. More details are coming soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which static site generator is currently supported?

Blogstreak uses web components to display the claps and comments so all you need is to include the module script inside your head tag and place the blogstreak-* where it's needed.

Why is it free?

Blogstreak is free to try in any website but core features only available to paid users. This paid plan will come in next week until than all of the pro plans are free.

Is it possible to use alias domains?

Yes you can, take a look at the netlify example. user.com hosted in netlify and you can add alias as user.netlify.app

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